大人になってから、赤や白のきれいな花を咲かせている木がサルスベリだと知りました。 というのも、花が咲いている時期に祖父母の家に行ったことがなかったからです(あるいは、気づかなかったのかもしれませんが)。




There was a small Crepe Myrtle tree(Salusberi) at my grandparents' house. 

Ever since I was a child, I liked to hear that the name "Salusberi” came from the fact that the surface of the tree was so slippery that monkeys(Salu) could not climb it (suberi), and  I've always wanted to see if monkeys really can't climb.

It wasn't until I was an adult that I learned that the beautiful red or white flowering trees were the Salusberi. Because I had never been to my grandparents' house when the flowers were on the trees.(Or maybe I didn't notice.)

Today, when I saw an another Salusberi in bloom, I remembered that there was a big Salisbury tree nearby.

Last year, it had many flowers and I took pictures like this. 

I passed by this tree few days ago and didn't realize it was the same tree because most of its branches had been dropped.

Salusberi has a long flowering season. I'm sure it's not too late, so I'm going to take some pictures of this year's Salusberi.