two types of memories/2通りの記憶










It is said that a photograph is a memory device, and I believe that there are two types of memories that a photograph can evoke.

One is the memory evoked by what is captured. This is a memory that can be shared with other people through photographs.

The other is a memory that perhaps cannot be captured in a photograph. These are memories that only the person who took the picture can recall, such as the feeling at the moment the shutter was pressed.

The cherry blossoms have bloomed again this year.

Cherry blossoms are also a flower that symbolizes various thoughts and feelings of people, and they tend to have more symbolic meaning than ordinary flowers, so I thought it would be difficult to take pictures of them.

I often tried to figure out how to photograph them this year, but recently I have come to think that it is enough just to take pictures of cherry blossoms when they bloom. This is because I think it is important to have this memory that is imprinted on the image, even though it is not captured in the photograph. 

By taking pictures of cherry blossoms every year, I can remember more about what happened and how I was feeling when I took the picture of that year.

I am attracted to these memories that are not captured in photographs, which are imprinted by taking pictures with a camera.