Dandelion fluff  タンポポの綿毛




この動画を見た友人が ビリー・ホリデーの言葉を教えてくれました。

Everything so beautiful and fragile but strong. 



I've loved dandelion fluff since I was a child. 

It is nothing short of a miracle that yellow dandelion flowers can turn into transparent, perfectly geometric spheres. 

Yesterday, I took one and tried to play with it by blowing on it like I did when I was a child, but surprisingly, it didn't fly off as easily as I thought it would..

I had the image of fragile in the dandelion fluff that flies away quickly when  it blowing in the wind, but it's so solid that it won't fly away if I just wipe your breath on it a little.

A friend of mine who saw this video shared with me a quote by Billie Holiday.

”Everything so beautiful and fragile but strong. ”

I felt that the dandelion fluff was a perfect example of that phrase.