Âme brisée 壊れた魂


この度、アキラ・ミズバヤシ(水林 章)の小説『壊れた魂』(みすず書房)の表紙写真を担当させていただきました。

これはフランスでベストセラーとなった"Âme brisée,"の著者自らの翻訳による日本語版になります。




I was in charge of the cover photo for the novel "The Broken Soul" by Akira Mizubayashi,published by Misuzu Shobo.This is the Japanese version of the French bestseller "Âme brisée," translated by the author himself.

Tokyo, 1938. The protagonist, Rei, is 11 years old at the time, and her father is taken away by the military on suspicion of espionage. All that was left in its place was a violin destroyed by the soldiers…

Sixty years later, Rei became a stringed instrument craftsman in France, and what miracle did the restored violin bring about?

This is a beautiful story about human dignity, repose of souls, the beauty of music, and the wish for peace. I highly recommend this book to all music lovers.